We are happy to announce that we again this year can see a great interest in Tannistest. From the industry we have got informations that almost every carmodel on the list of candidates for ‘Car of the Year 2016’ will be present at Tannistest this year. We have also got signups from many experts from the car manufactors for the interview sessions, which will give us all a great opportunity to get informations about the cars in all details.

From the jury we have got even more sign-ups than last year, and we will soon present the list of juriors, but at the moment we can tell, that we will have 15-20 juriors from more than 12 countries (at least – we still wait for the last signups…)

At the list of candidate-cars we have marked all cars which we know will be at the Tannistest this year…

See you in Tannis!

Søren & Martti