Tannistest 2017 takes place September 30 – October 5

Every autumn, a very important event – the Tannistest – takes place amongst European motor journalists in the northern part of Denmark. This year, the event begins on Saturday, September 30 and ends on Thursday, October 5. During this event, the Car of the Year jury members have the possibility to test and compare the candidate cars for his or her personal judgement and to meet colleagues from the industry for discussions. All the important candidates are present, in most cases in many different versions.

Programme for Tannistest 2017 – 40 Years’ Anniversary

Friday, September 29: Arrival of test cars

Saturday, September 30: Test begins

Sunday, October 1: No special programme during the day. In the evening, a special event for the representatives of the Danish car importers

Monday, October 2: Beach photo
– Night driving session I

Tuesday, October 3: Special tests at Sindal Airport
– Interview session I (4:00 pm – 6:00 pm)
– Night driving session II

Wednesday, October 4: Special tests at Sindal Airport (if needed)
-Interview session II (4:00 pm – 6:00 pm)
-The “Dinner of the Year” (8:00 pm – )

Thursday, October 5: No special programme
-Test ends at 4:00 pm. From 4:00 pm test cars can be collected

The nearby Sindal Airport is used to test and evaluate the cars in severe lane change maneuvers.
Who can participate?

All the members of the jury can participate and test the cars. They can come along with co-operators and photographers who have the right to drive the test cars, too. Also, representatives of the car industry and Nordic car importers are most welcome as observers and/or experts.

How many days?

The test lasts from Saturday to Thursday (16:00). You can stay for a few days or the entire week. The traditional ‘Dinner of the Year’, which is the only formal happening of the week, will be organized on Wednesday, 12th October. The dinner is also the only time of the week with a dress code: business attire.


The headquarters of the test is the Tannishus Hotel in the northern part of Jutland. The hotel was originally built in 1896, but since then it has expanded and been refurbished several times. Today the hotel offers more than a hundred well-equipped apartments with shower and toilet. An indoor swimming-pool is also available.

The hotel is located only 200 meters from one of the most impressive beaches in Denmark. Among others, it is a perfect site for photographing the cars. The surrounding countryside is full of different types of public roads, the most suitable grounds for testing cars in normal traffic conditions.

The test is organized by the Nordic jury group. From left Rune Korsvoll (Norway), Håkan Matson (Sweden), Jan-Erik Berggren (Sweden), Søren W. Rasmussen (Denmark), Velimatti Honkanen (Finland) and Tommy Wahlström (Sweden). Håkan is also the president of the whole Car of the Year Jury 2017.
Hotel Tannishus
Registrations and reservations

All registrations should be made online here.

Hotel reservations should be made directly with Hotel Tannishus:
+ 45 98 93 13 00.