The Tannistest 2018 is getting very close and we are now able to share the names and numbers of the jurors at this event:

This year we can welcome guests from 18 different countries including the four Nordic countries organizing this event.

At the moment we are happy to announce that we will welcome 22 Jurors (or even more, since the registration is still open). On top of that we have also registered many co-operators bringing the total numbers of journalists close to 50.

The jury-group at the Tannistest 2018:

  • Søren W. Rasmussen, Denmark
  • Velimatti Honkanen, Finland
  • Rune Korsvoll, Norway
  • Jan-Erik Berggren, Sweden
  • Carl-Johan Lejland, Sweden
  • Tony Verhelle, Belgium
  • Jiri Duchon, Czech Republic
  • Frank Janssen, Germany
  • (Didier Laurent, France – has cancelled his participation)
  • Timo Friedmann, Germany
  • Michael Specht, Germany
  • Efstratios Chatzipanagiotou, Greece
  • Zsolt Csikós, Hungary
  • Michael McAleer, Ireland
  • Alberto Sabbatini, Italy
  • Eric Netgen, Luxemburg
  • Gert Wisse, Netherlands
  • Mikhail Podorozhansky, Russia
  • Sebastjan Plevnjak, Slovenia
  • Tommy Wahlström, Sweden
  • Andreas Faust, Switzerland
  • Peter Ruch, Switzerland