COTY 2019 – The timetable

Running through the year
Date                              Location                        Event
June 29th 2018                […]

A lot of cars heading for Tannistest this year

Now we have the first indications of the candidate cars for COTY 2019. That means we also have the first idea of which cars we can expect to see in Tannistest this year. Take a look at ‘Candidates 2019’ in […]

Tannistest 2018

Tannistest 2018 will be organized on 22-27 September 2018

Every autumn, a very important event – the Tannistest – takes place amongst European motor journalists in the northern part of Denmark. This year, the event begins on Saturday, September 22 and ends […]

Volvo XC40 – Car of the Year 2018

No other Volvo did it in 55 years, but XC40 won the Car of the Year 2018 award with an ample margin, gathering 325 points, as announced in Geneva Palexpo on the eve of its International Motor Show. Made winner […]

7 cars ready for the last round

Only two weeks before the Geneva Motorshow and the celebration of ‘The Car of the Year 2018’, the Jury are going to meet for a final test at Mortefontaine testtrack near Paris. Here all seven finalist cars will be available […]

Tannis Today now online

Every morning the local newspaper Tannis Today greets the eyes, with information regarding the Tannistest, menu, weather forecast and interview with a jury member. But if you have missed an issue in the restaurant, it is now possible to find […]

Elk and AEB testresults 2017 [Updated]

UPDATED 15.02.2018

Land Rover Discovery: As described below, there was a problem when we tested the AEB-system of the Land Rover Discovery. Now we have discussed this problem with the tecnical department of Land Rover, and we have been updated on how […]

Tannistest Photopackage


The Tannistest PhotoPackage is ready for download. Click on the pictures and save the image on your device. If you need a higher resolution, please send at request to

Specifications on cars in Tannistest

Here are all the data specifications on cars attending the Tannistest, that we have available.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio EN059NH

Alfa Romeo Stelvio FH356FY

Alfa Romeo Stelvio FK679MW

Audi -A8 3.0 TFSI

Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI-2

Audi-Q5 2.0 TDI

Ford Fiesta ST line

Ford Fiesta Titanium Diesel

Ford Fiesta Vignale

Hyundai […]

Jeep Compass will not be present

Unfortunately Fiat/Jeep Italy (FCA) has announced that Jeep Compass will not be present in Tannis. That means that the Jeep Compass will not be available at Tannistest, this is very sad, but at the moment we have not been able […]