Tannistest 2019 (21. – 26. september)

  • The largest independent car test in the world.
  • A unique opportunity for the Car of the Year jurors to test and compare all the candidates in equal driving conditions.
  • Organized yearly by the Nordic jury group.

Car of the Year

  • An international award, judged by a panel of senior motoring journalists across Europe.
  • The object is yearly to acclaim the most outstanding new car on the European market.
  • The Jury consists of 58 members, representing 22 European countries.


2108, 2019

23 Jurors ready for Tannistest 2019

While the registration is still open, Tannistest can now confirm the attendance of 23 Jurors this year. Since some further […]

2108, 2019

Clean and nice test cars

Again this year Tannistest can offer a possibility for the car industry to have the car washed and cleaned every […]

1308, 2019

Jurors from 16 countries ready for Tannistest 2019

At the moment the registration is still open. But I am now happy to announce that more than 20 Jurors […]

2307, 2019

BMW are back at Tannistest!

Today I got the confirmation that BMW will return to Tannistest this year. This is very positive and I look […]

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COTY-Elk-Test-2018 (updated 28/9/2018)

AEB-test Report 2018 (updated 28/9/2018)

Overview: Test cars 2018

All pictures are free to use for participants in the Tannistest 2018, you can request them by email. Send your request for the complete photopackage (also for the industry) or the beach pictures in jpg or raw format (participants) to:


If you use photo accreditation please apply:

Photo: Tannistest/Lemche