• The largest independent car test in the world.
  • A unique opportunity for the Car of the Year jurors to test and compare all the candidates in equal driving conditions.
  • Organized yearly by the Nordic jury group.

Car of the Year

  • An international award, judged by a panel of senior motoring journalists across Europe.
  • The object is yearly to acclaim the most outstanding new car on the European market.
  • The Jury consists of 58 members, representing 22 European countries.


2302, 2017

Car of the Year 2017 is coming closer…

After some succesfully days at CERAM in Mortefontaine, where all the jurors could do the final test-operations on the seven […]

1910, 2016

Schedule for Car of the Year 2017

Car of the Year 2017

The Schedule towards the winner…

8 – 13 October 2016 Tannistest Denmark for cars on longlist

1910, 2016

Pictures can be now be downloaded…

Please click here to go to the page for downloading the free photos from Tannistest 2016